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Fast & Affordable Foundation Crack Repair in Mobile, AL

Seeing a crack or fissure on your concrete foundation can make you feel overwhelmed and uncertain.

However, the good news is our contractors specialize in all forms of foundation crack repair in Mobile. It doesn't matter how severe the cracks are; our team has a solution to fix them.

In some cases, cement cracks are nothing to worry about, but until a homeowner has a thorough inspection by a licensed structural engineer, you can't know for sure. We offer FREE evaluations and estimates for your convenience.

By the time we're through, you'll have a clear idea about the severity of your foundation's cracks and how they developed in the first place. Now is an excellent time to set up your no-obligation appointment with us.

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Let's Explore the Different Types of Foundation Crack Repair Remedies

In Mobile, Alabama, concrete foundation repair is not a one size fits all process. First, our contractors have to determine the characteristics of the cracks and then pinpoint their root causes. Then, and only then, can they create an appropriate foundation repair plan. Here are some of the most common cracks that we see:

  • Shrinkage Cracks - These are known as vertical cracks and have a very low threat level for causing foundational and structural problems.
  • Foundation Slab Cracks - It's imperative that we discover the underlying cause of slab cracks, such as settlement, concrete curing, and frost heave. 
  • Structural Foundation Cracks - These cracks are often more than 1/4 inch wide and pose serious problems for a foundation. Their causes stem from soil shrinkage, pressure, and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Non-Structural Cracks - These types of cracks do not pose direct issues for the foundation, but they can often lead to leaks.
  • Wet Non-Structural Cracks - When water evaporates from cement, it causes the foundation to shrink and develop fissures. Normally, polyurethane foam injection will fix the problem.

The best thing you can do for any foundational crack is have a licensed professional look at it. Are you ready to get started?

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Got Foundation Cracks in Mobile? Don't Delay Professional Repair!

Many homeowners often put off foundation crack repair at their properties in Mobile because the cracks aren't necessarily causing any issues...or so they think.

Problematic cracks don't always manifest until you start to notice other structural damages. By then, repair costs are probably going to be higher and more components of your home will need to be fixed.

You could start to notice doors and windows not operating right, sloping floors, bowing walls, and a host of other issues that most people would rather not deal with.

So, if you notice a crack in your foundation, the best thing you can do is schedule an assessment with our structural engineers.

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We're Here to Keep Mobile Foundation Crack-Free!

The Mobile Foundation Repair Experts has a long history of keeping foundations in good working order. It doesn't matter if you have a concrete slab foundation or pier & beam; our team can tackle any issue thrown at us.

We have industry-leading tools and equipment that help us have a 100% success rate in any project we take on.

Each contractor on our service is highly skilled, well trained, and experienced in all areas of foundation repair and restoration.

We have a goal, and that goal is to keep your foundation safe and stable. Would you like to learn more about foundation repair services? Please visit our blog for a wealth of helpful information.



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As a professional foundation repair company, we take great pride in offering the services that our customers need when they need them the most. Cracks and leaks don't stand a chance against us! We offer a full panel of repair services, including basement and crawl space waterproofing, house leveling, and commercial & residential services.

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The Best Foundation Repair Methods in Mobile for Fixing Any Foundation Problem

Simple and frustration-free foundation repair options for all residential and commercial customers in Mobile. Affordable options. Fully licensed and insured. Local foundation repair contractors. Call us at (251) 351-9880
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