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A foundation inspection in Mobile is the first step you can take in a positive direction to protect your home or commercial building structure. After your foundation has suffered damages from age, the soil shifting, weather conditions, and other exterior elements, you need to know that it's still structurally reliable enough to live in. If your property has been through enough losses, the entire collapse of the building is a possibility and certainly not worth the risk.

Mobile Foundation Repair Experts have structural engineers on our staff that know what to scan for when evaluating the strength of the building. We can also determine how long your foundation will remain durable based on the types of building materials used. 

Regardless of where you live or the type of foundation, some common situations are seen by experienced foundation inspectors time and time again. We have been highly trained in catching minor issues before they become significant and expensive problems.

Before we dive into a full foundation inspection in Mobile, get an honest answer about where your foundation sits right now. If we don't see any reason for concern about a foundation we look at, we won't go any further into the inspection than what you tell us to.

Call for a FREE assessment set up around your schedule. Our friendly crew can't wait to hear from you!

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Structural Engineer Foundation Inspection in Mobile - The Pros

You can have a general contractor prepare your foundation inspection in Mobile if you want, but you're not going to get the same level of service that we provide. It may be more reasonably priced, but you get what you pay for. Not only do we have decades of experience in the foundation industry, but we also have licensed and certified foundation inspectors working for our team.

The benefit of having a specialist from our foundation repair company in Mobile complete your home foundation inspection is knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing was ignored. We look both inside and outside the property, paying meticulous attention to every detail.

Another advantage of starting your foundation project with us is that we can complete any foundation crack repairs, waterproofing, or drainage service you need. Don't waste time looking around for another qualified crew. We know exactly what to do!

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Does the Foundation Inspection Cost Stress You Out?

Have you received a few quotes, and the foundation inspection cost in Mobile that's been tossed your way is more than what you're willing to pay? Think about what you're doing for the future structural stability of your home, not to mention the massive related charges that will come along with avoiding the job.

If you are interested in knowing what's going on with your foundation, we will start our basic assessment at no cost. If our qualified contractor doesn't think you need a foundation service, we will leave it at that, and you pay nothing. If we do find something wrong, you'll have more reasonably priced solutions laid out in front of you at an earlier time.

It may seem overwhelming now, but when we're all done, you'll be glad you made a move sooner instead of prolonging the inevitable. Get your appointment scheduled today!

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Mobile Foundation Repair Experts Won't Miss a Single Detail

As a locally owned and operated company doing foundation inspections in Mobile, we're eager to get out and meet the people of our community. We don't go to work each day, only thinking about collecting a paycheck. We have a passion for making sure that people are safe and comfortable in their homes, and this industry allows us the opportunity to do just that.

We won't force or trick you into a foundation repair you don't need. Our value of integrity and treating the customer fairly has pushed up our popularity, and we GUARANTEE your 100% satisfaction.

We're so confident in our abilities, we back all of our labor with lifetime warranties. Mobile Foundation Repair Experts are also fully licensed and insured.



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"Talk about A+ service! The foundation contractors at Mobile Foundation Repair are definitely experts in their trade. Not to mention they had my foundation repair done within the week. Definitely recommend these guys!"
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What Did Your Foundation Inspection in Mobile Uncover?

Did you take advantage of our free foundation inspection in Mobile? If there are issues, you can bet that our qualified foundation inspector found them. We detail every problem and outline a plan for completing affordable foundation repairs in a way that no other local foundation repair company does. We include the foundation repair cost, timeframe for completion, warranties, financing options, and more. To get a customized, informative foundation structural foundation inspection, call now to schedule an appointment.

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Simple and frustration-free foundation repair options for all residential and commercial customers in Mobile. Affordable options. Fully licensed and insured. Local foundation repair contractors. Call us at (251) 351-9880
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